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SJM Flex Environmental Award

Date : 22 December 2006

During 2006, SJM Flex, an international player in the manufacturing of flexible couplings for exhaust systems, decided to reward an Eastern Cape company for their excellence in safeguarding the environment.

The award was organized and promoted with the assistance of PERCCI.

The judging of this award was done two fold:

The initial phase of judging was based on the entry submitted. The following criteria had to be discussed:

1) Positive impact achieved on:

- The environment

- Operating efficiencies

- Working conditions

- Cost Saving

- Waste Management

2) Initiative to prevent or minimize pollution

3) Benefits realized by implementing ISO 14001

4) Social upliftment activities

The second phase of judging included an extensive site visit by a Moorhouse consultant and SJM Flex representative. This visit also included interviews with the relevant employees responsible for managing ISO 14001. During an interview, Leon Gouws, the Technical manager, in answer to the question so what sets Eveready apart, commented that - Eveready believes in creating & maintaining a sustainable environment, this is reflected in everything that we do. Our commitment to the preservation of the environment involves the careful management of all waste products, from emissions, water and effluent to the careful and effective segregation of all waste products. We continuously run programs on environmental awareness to educate our employees on their impact on the environment.

One of the significant initiatives to prevent or minimize pollution was the expansion of our company into alternative energy solutions. In 2006 the company entered into a joint venture with Kestrel wind turbines, a locally developed small application wind turbine, and will be manufacturing wind turbines for local and international markets.

After the intensive judging, Eveready was selected number 1 out of approximately 15 entries and the SJM Flex Environmental Award was presented to Eveready at the annual PERCCI Banquet.

René van der Merwe, Eveready’s Integrated Systems Manager, accepted the award on behalf of the Eveready Management team.

See Extract form PERCCI’s strategic projects: http://www.percci.co.za/page.asp?type=Projects

SJM Flex SA Environmental Award: recognizes exceptional performance in environmental initiatives and management by ISO 14001 accredited organizations. Eveready SA won the 2006 Award, for their excellent and sustainable environmental initiatives, conservation measures, cost savings and corporate social responsibility projects.