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Power Up and Keep Warm
Power Up and Keep WarmDate: 16 Jul 2024

Winter is here, and though our winters are milder, the cold weather makes us want to stay cosy indoors. Eveready helps you prepare for a warmer winter.

Tips for Nature Shots on Your Phone
Tips for Nature Shots on Your PhoneDate: 12 Jun 2024

Photography can be quite intimidating for beginners, even more so with nature photography. So, we’ve gathered some tips from seasoned photographic artist, Jo Bradford, author of “Smart Phone, Smart Photography”.

Go, Go Running Gadgets
Go, Go Running GadgetsDate: 15 May 2024

Running is a fantastic activity that doesn't require a lot of equipment to get started. However, as you gain more experience, there are a few essential items that will undoubtedly make your running experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Paper vs Screen: The Best Way to Enjoy Your Favourite Read
Paper vs Screen: The Best Way to Enjoy Your Favourite ReadDate: 15 Apr 2024

Are you struggling to decide whether to buy a physical book or an e-book? This is a common dilemma faced by many book lovers. Whatever your situation, it's important to weigh the pros and cons of each option before making a decision. With some careful consideration, you can choose the option that best fits your needs and preferences.

Get Creative with Your Kids
Get Creative with Your KidsDate: 04 Mar 2024

The Young Inventors and Creators Challenge has started and, with all the exciting entries that we are anticipating, this challenge makes us consider the benefits of including and engaging our children in DIY and creative projects. Engaging children in DIY projects at home not only improves their problem-solving skills but also nurtures their creativity and fosters a sense of independence. Read more on the benefits of DIY projects and the steps to prepare for your project, here.

Top Most Romantic Destinations in South Africa
Top Most Romantic Destinations in South AfricaDate: 07 Feb 2024

The month of love is upon us and while many of us see the 14th of February as just another day, sometimes is worth celebrating the adventure of love while the air is still warm and the year is still fresh. South Africa offers some of the most romantic destinations in the world. Whether you’re a sucker for Valentine’s Day, or just like to spend some quality time with your significant other at any time of the year, we take a look at 10 of South Africa’s most romantic destinations to assist you with your romantic travel plans.

Getting to Know You
Getting to Know YouDate: 16 Jan 2024

Eveready has been in business for decades, and we've seen trends come and go, but our dedication to customer satisfaction remains unchanged. We believe that knowing our customers is the key to success, and we're grateful for the opportunity to serve you better every day. Read up on why we want to get to know you on our social media platforms

Caring for Your Toys’ Batteries
Caring for Your Toys’ BatteriesDate: 18 Dec 2023

As a parent, seeing the happiness on your child's face as they enjoy their new battery-powered toy car is priceless. However, the fun can be cut short when the battery suddenly dies. Replacing the battery is an option, but mishandling it can result in leaks or even a fire, turning a source of joy into a potential hazard. What if there was a way to avoid these problems? Our latest article gives you a comprehensive guide to the essential steps you should take to ensure the safe handling of kids' toy car batteries, from proper charging to regular inspections and storage. Read more here!

More Power to the Mo'
More Power to the Mo'Date: 15 Nov 2023

While Eveready powers your way through Movember, we take a moment to reflect on what the month of moustaches is all about.

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