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We have given you power for over 70 years, now let us help you save some.

We have given you power for over 70 years, now let us help you save some. Energy efficiency is the first step in attaining a true renewable energy solution.

A building's lighting system is both a dominant consumer of electrical energy and a major source of internal heat. Globally, lighting accounts for about one-quarter of the electricity used. Eveready learnt this when they replaced all their office lights with energy efficient ESL down lighters. Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs have revolutionized energy-efficient lighting.

CFLs are simply miniature versions of full-sized fluorescents. They screw into standard lamp sockets, and give off light that looks just like the common incandescent bulbs. Eveready’s CFLs are available in both warm and cool light tints.

LEDs are small, solid light bulbs which are extremely energy-efficient. New LED bulbs are grouped in clusters with diffuser lenses which have broadened the applications for LED use in the home. LED technology has been incorporated in Eveready’s torch range which maximizes battery life and torch durability.

Benefits of CFL lightbulbs

  • Efficient 
    CFLs are five times more efficient and last up to 10 times longer than equivalent incandescents (traditional bulbs). A 22 watt CFL has about the same light output as a 100 watt incandescent. CFLs use 50 - 80% less energy than incandescents.
  • Less Expensive
    Although initially more expensive, you save money in the long run because CFLs use 1/5 the electricity and last up to 10 times as long as incandescents. 
  • Reduces Air and Water Pollution
    Replacing a single incandescent bulb with a CFL will keep a half-ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere over the life of the bulb. If everyone in the U.S. used energy-efficient lighting, 90 average size power plants could be retired. Saving electricity reduces CO2 emissions, sulfur oxide and high-level nuclear waste.
  • High-Quality Light
    Eveready Warm Light CFLs give a warm, inviting light instead of the "cool white" light critics of fluorescents complain about, although cool light variants are still available for those who prefer them. They use earth-based phosphors for excellent colour and warmth. New electronically ballasted CFLs don't flicker or hum.
  • Versatile
    CFLs can be applied nearly anywhere that incandescent lights are used. Energy-efficient CFLs can be used in recessed fixtures, table lamps, track lighting, ceiling fixtures and porchlights. 3-way CFLs are also now available for lamps with 3-way settings. Dimmable CFLs are also available for lights using a dimmer switch.

Popular Models

CFLs are available in a variety of styles or shapes. Some have two, four, or six tubes. Older models, and specialty models, have separate tubes and ballasts. Some CFLs have the tubes and ballast permanently connected. Some allow you to change the tubes without changing the ballast. Others have circular or spiral-shaped tubes. In general, the size or total surface area of the tube determines how much light the bulb produces. Eveready’s range of CFLs account for this and only the most efficient are being sold.

Spiral Lamps

These bulbs are designed as a continuous tube in a spiral shape which has similar outside shape and light casting qualities to a standard incandescent bulb. Spiral CFL bulbs are made in several sizes to fit most common fixtures and light shades/covers.

Tube Lamps

These CFLs have more tubing in a smaller area, which generates even more light in a shorter bulb. They pack high light output into a very small space and can be used in fixtures designed for incandescent bulbs, such as table lamps, reading lamps, open hanging lamps, and bare bulb applications.

The Eveready range includes all sizes for all requirements as well as an outside light range with a day/night sensor to save even more electricity.

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Eveready iconic brands are leaders in the South African FMCG battery, lighting and homeware markets and are rapidly developing an export presence across Africa and Middle East. And we are in the global renewable energy sector with our market leading microwind turbines.

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Eveready, South Africa's dominant battery brand provides a full range of high quality products.