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Spot BODI and Win!!

By now you’ve probably seen BODI, Eveready’s Robotic Goodwill Ambassador on TV or in the papers. BODI’s favourite pastime is meeting new people and he’s looking forward to getting to know you… and if you live in the Eastern Cape, here’s your chance to meet him in person!

From the 25th to the 29th of July BODI will be buzzing around some of the towns and cities of the Eastern Cape. Although it’s usually a rewarding experience to meet this fascinating techno-wizz, during this time it will be even more rewarding – quite literally!

If you spot BODI between Monday 25th and Friday 29th July,you can win great Eveready goodies right then and there just for saying "Hi!” If you spot him while you’re driving, simply hoot and wave… and you might find yourself taking home something special courtesy of BODI and Eveready.

But that’s not all! BODI’s friends at AlgoaFM’s Morning Show want to know where you’ve spotted him. They’ll be so glad to hear from you that they might just give you R2000 in cash! Every day from 25 to 29 July, sometime between 6h00 and 9h00 they’ll ask you to call in if you’ve seen the Eastern Cape’s BODI-licious robot celebrity. One caller every morning will be R2000 richer thanks to Eveready and AlgoaFM. It’s as easy as that!

So, tell all your friends about this exciting opportunity and make them promise to share the prizes if they win! Spot BODI, the Eastern Cape’s most electrifying personality and you’ll definitely be richer for the experience. Who knows? You might even be R2000 richer…

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