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Make a simple battery with some strips of brass or copper and zinc.

The two rods of different metals placed in an acid solution form an electric cell.

You can make a simple battery with some strips of brass or copper and zinc and a dozen potatoes!

  • Cut the zinc strips out of the cases (cans) of old flashlight batteries.
  • Buy strips of brass or copper  and copper wire for connecting them. Prepare twelve strips of each metal.
  • If you use copper wire instead of strips, wind it around sticks.
  • Cut Two slits about ½ inch apart into each of the twelve potatoes..
  • Stick the strips of two metals into each potato.
  • Connect them together with wire from the brass strip in one potato to the zinc in the next. Thus, all the twelve potatoes are connected in "Series”.
  • To complete the circuit, connect a flashlight bulb / LED in place of the thirteenth potato. It will light up, proving that you have generated electricity. Each of the potatoes contains acid in its juices.

The chemical reaction that takes place between the two different metal strips and the acid generates electricity.

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