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Alessandro Volta (1745 – 1827)

Alessandro Volta was an Italian physicist and a pioneer in the study of electricity. He invented the electroscope, an instrument for detecting small amounts of electricity. But he is best known for inventing a "cell” – a chemical device that can produce a constant flow of electricity.

In 1800, Volta developed a battery which is called a "voltaic pile”. This was made by placing pieces of zinc on top of pieces of copper and separating them by strips of cloth soaked in either acid or salt solution. A similar battery used today is the PM9 / PP9       (9 Volt) dry cell. We use this kind of battery in  transistor radios and LED desk lamps.

Volta received many honours in his lifetime and is still commemorated for his achievements. The force that moves an electric current is called voltage, and is measured in units called "volts”, after Volta.

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Eveready iconic brands are leaders in the South African FMCG battery, lighting and homeware markets and are rapidly developing an export presence across Africa and Middle East. And we are in the global renewable energy sector with our market leading microwind turbines.

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Eveready, South Africa's dominant battery brand provides a full range of high quality products.