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Eveready rated One of the Best Companies to Work For

Date : 28 September 2004

At a function on 6 September 2004, Eveready (Pty) Ltd along with 43 other companies were identified as one of the "Best Companies to Work For in South Africa". This is an exceptional achievement considering that the Company is only one year old and that we were selected out of a pool of approximately 600 applicants.

The Best Companies To Work Forpublication, published by The Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) in conjunction with Finance Week,profiles a variety of companies from diverse sectors:  large and small, private and public. 

Through in-depth research and analysis beforehand, and a second selection based on interviews with those executives responsible for company policy, CRF selects the best company presentations for publication.   This conclusive selection is based on criteria such as career opportunities, the company’s growth potential, training and education, innovation, strategic alliances and international activities.