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Tips for Hosting a Braai Day at Home

Date : 17 September 2021

It’s that time of the year again where all South Africans are polishing their favourite set of braai tongs in preparation for Heritage Day (aka National Braai Day) on the 24th of September.

With the restrictions that the pandemic has imposed upon us, a good old fashioned braai is definitely on the menu for all South Africans to enjoy. But, if by chance your braai plans do not go as hoped, we have put together some tips for hosting your braai day at home.

After all, as long as you have some good meat and good company Braai Day is sure to be as lekker as always!

1. Serve Snacks Before the Braai

In the words of our own Barry Hilton: “Ons gaan nou braai!”

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on it is that a braai usually always takes longer than it is supposed to so be sure to get some snacks ready before your guests get struck by the nibbles.

Anything from a bag of chips or crackers should hit the spot. But, if you want to be healthier, you can thread some fresh fruits onto some kebab sticks and serve these to your guests.

2. Make Unique Salads

We all love a good potato salad but there are plenty of salad options to explore so why not try your hand at a more creative salad? If there’s one way to draw the attention of your guests, it’s with a fun and delicious salad.

If you are running low on inspiration be sure to check out these braai salads and sides by CrushMag-Online.com.

3. Check on your Braai Apparatus

When was the last time you gave your braai equipment a good once over? If it has been a while since your last braai it might be worth checking if all your braai equipment is braai-ready.

This means giving your braai and all equipment a good clean as well as your braai area to ensure that everything is ready and prepped for when your guests arrive. This also means arranging furniture and making sure everything is dust-free.

4. Arrange Entertainment for the Kids

If there are going to be children at the braai, it can become quite boring to sit around the fire with the adults. The better solution would be to arrange some entertainment to keep them busy while the adults’ braai.

Put on a movie, make some popcorn and seat all the children together.

Another point worth mentioning is if you have pets it is also best to make some alternative arrangements to avoid Fido begging your guests for their braai snacks or, worse, making off with a prime piece of rump steak!

5. Spice and Marinade are your Friends

As the host, it is important to remember that you are responsible for supplying any required spices, meat tenderisers or marinade for your guests to use on their meats. While some people do prefer to bring their own, it is best to arrange some of your own in case.

This goes for drinks too!

Be sure to remember the drinks and ice.

6. Clean as you Go

You will know from experience that there is always a lot of cleaning involved with hosting a braai – even if you use paper plates there seems to be an endless amount of dishes at the end of the event.

As the braai commences be sure to take empty glasses, plates and cutlery to the kitchen so that everything is ready to be washed.

When you have bid your guests farewell, head to the kitchen and take care of the dishes so that they do not stare at you in the morning.


As an extra bonus here are some nifty braai tips to keep in mind:

  • Ensure that your meat is aged before braaiing.
  • Marinate your meat overnight for a richer flavour.
  • If you can hold your hand over the grid for 10 seconds without burning, the coals are ready.
  • Rub half a lemon or onion on the grid after braaiing to clean it in preparation for your next braai.
  • After something savoury, you will need something sweet. Be sure to prepare a South African dessert to end your Heritage Day braai the right way.

Have any Braai Day tips or braai tricks that you would like to share? Be sure to do so in the comments on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.