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Reduce Consumption with Eveready’s Lighting Range

Date : 13 June 2022

With electricity costs at an all-time high and the threat of increased costs at the forefront, it is only natural that consumers are looking for ways to cut down on their energy consumption in the home.

Before you reluctantly switch off appliances and deny yourself the simple pleasures of technology, think about the basics: lightbulbs.

Switching on the light switch is something that is often taken for granted and, because of this, is an area of energy consumption that is very easily overlooked. The reality is that this is one of the areas where your energy consumption can be greatly and easily reduced.

Let’s take a look at how Eveready’s lighting range can help ease the electricity woes.

Eveready’s LED Lightbulbs

LED lightbulbs are notorious for being energy efficient. But, did you know, that Eveready’s LED lightbulbs can save up to 80% on energy costs when compared to other conventional incandescent lightbulbs?

Imagine if you could cut down your lighting costs by 80% - this is quite a large saving!

Not only are Eveready LED lightbulbs energy efficient, they are also longer lasting. According to in-house tests, Eveready LED lightbulbs can last up to 20,000 hours or 15 years.

This means, that not only are you saving on electricity costs, but you are saving on replacing lightbulbs. A lot can happen in 15 years but one thing you will not need to worry about is replacing your lightbulbs.

The LED lighting range is available in Warm White and Cool Daylight.

Warm White lightbulbs work best in areas of the home where you are trying to create a warmer and more inviting ambience such as the lounge or your bedroom. Cool Daylight lightbulbs are better suited for office environments or areas where you are likely to work, study or do homework.

In addition to all these perks, Eveready’s LED lighting range is also eco-friendly. Apart from helping to cut down on the carbon footprint by enabling energy-saving, the lightbulbs also contain low mercury levels making them environmentally friendly.

Find out more about our LED range on our website: https://bit.ly/3wapktv

You can also shop our LED range in your favourite stores or online from Takealot: https://bit.ly/3FFiOhB

Energy Saving Tips

If you have already made the change to Eveready’s range of energy-saving lightbulbs but you would still like to cut down on your energy consumption, here are some easy tricks that everyone can try at home:

  • Reduce the temperature of your geyser to 55 degrees
  • While cooking use the correct sized pot for the plate to cut down on cooking time
  • Switch off lights, fans and computers when you are not in the room
  • Ensure no appliances are in standby mode when sleeping or leaving your home
  • When using heaters, keep all doors and windows closed
  • Where possible, purchase energy-efficient appliances
  • Boil only the amount of water you need when boiling the kettle


Have any other energy-saving tips that you would like to share with us?

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