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6 Reasons for Choosing Eveready for Battery-Operated Christmas Gifts

Date : 07 December 2017

Christmas is right around the corner and with it comes the task of choosing which gifts to buy for our nearest and dearest. Whether you decide on an electric shaver for hubby, an MP3 player for your niece or remote-control car for your son, it’s important to choose the right batteries to complement your chosen Christmas gift.

We recently asked our Facebook fans why they choose to use Eveready batteries and were blown away by all their wonderful reasons, several of which can be seen below. Read on for six reasons why you should also choose Eveready for this year’s battery-operated Christmas gifts.

1. A trusted brand for generations

Eveready has been around for a lifetime and, since the company first opened its doors in 1937, has crept its way into the lives and hearts of South Africans from all generations. Our customers fondly look back on when their grandparents and sometimes even great-grandparents used Eveready to power up their radios of the time; often following suit by choosing to use Eveready for modern-day devices in their own homes.

“Eveready products are generational products therefore they have been tried, tested and used by my great grandparents, grandparents, my parents and passed on to me and I am passing them to my children.” - Manthiba Phalane

2. Variety

Eveready not only has a wide variety of batteries, but is also a brand that can be used by the whole family. From the Eveready Layer Cell - 9V for the LED desk lamp in dad’s home office to the Eveready Platinum batteries needed for the milk frother so that mom can enjoy her daily cup of java. With Eveready, there is a battery for every need and everyone.

“My grandfather used the big battery for his radio and it lasted for ages, my mum used the batteries for remotes and her machine and I used to use them in my Walkman and toys and now my son uses Eveready... it’s like a family heirloom that's so precious, we refuse to change loyalties!” - Karen Narayadu

3. Quality

Eveready is passionate about quality and through our world-class production facility we are committed to supplying top-quality products, too. At Eveready, we pride ourselves on being as good as, if not better, than our global competitors so that you can look forward to a premium-quality battery that consistently meets your power needs.

For generations in my family we never compromised, we always chose the best quality products like Eveready and it has never disappointed.” - Rosie Shogs

4. Value for money

Eveready batteries hit the sweet spot between price and value. While we’re not the most expensive, we’re also not the cheapest; instead we proudly offer better value. With Eveready, you can be assured to get what you pay for: an affordable, top-quality battery that can stand the test of time.

“Eveready Batteries are the best. It lasts long, you get your monies worth and when used up, it does not leak acid like most batteries do. My daughter has so many toys which are battery operated and, before buying Eveready batteries, we used to buy every month because they get used up so fast. Now that we are using Eveready we are saving more in our pockets and it lasts longer.” - Roxanne Amanda Anderson

5. Longer-lasting power

Eveready batteries are especially formulated for either low, medium or high drain devices so that you never have to miss a moment. Our Platinum Plus battery, specifically, is proven to last five times longer than the Eveready Zinc chloride batteries which is great news for avid gamers. Our Digital Lithium batteries will also allow novice and pro photographers alike to take over 600 photos before needing to top up with the next set of Eveready batteries.

“My toddler has a lot of toys which need batteries and he plays with them so often that I only trust Eveready to keep his toys working for longer and the tantrums to zero!” - Adz Hasan

“I choose Eveready products every time because they last far longer than any other battery! Why waste my money on constantly replacing the alternative brand when I can settle for the best and have peace of mind that they will last.” - Michelle Natalie Vermaak

6. A proudly South African brand

As South Africa’s only local battery manufacturer, Eveready is a proudly South African brand and this shines through in our positivity towards our country and its people. By choosing to use Eveready you are not only supporting local, but also playing a positive role in growing the country’s economy and creating job opportunities.

“Eveready's roots are in our country, SA, and their products reflect the hearts and hands of our South African people. By choosing the Eveready South Africa brand, I am choosing to be positive and joining our beautiful positive community.” – Shemona Singh

Are you sold on Eveready but still unsure as to which battery to purchase for which device? Then, click here to access our handy tool for choosing the right battery. And remember, before you seal the wrapping paper and tie the ribbon on your Christmas gifts, be sure to place your Eveready batteries inside the device so it’s immediately good to go.