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Power Up Your Home Theatre Even When the Power’s Down

Date : 18 October 2023

It seems The Boks didn’t take loadshedding with them to France. With one of the most exciting sporting events happening so far away, the only way that a lot of South Africans can get close to the Rugby World Cup action is right in their own homes. So, what happens when our team is scheduled to play, but you’re scheduled for loadshedding? Simply get a backup as strong as our legendary “Bomb Squad”.


Back-up power is becoming more popular in South African homes, as more affordable alternatives are being rolled out to assist with rolling blackouts. Eveready gives you backup power solutions to keep your home viewing uninterrupted.

Before we get to our range of Lithium-Ion speciality batteries, let’s take a look at what you’ll need to keep your home entertainment shining bright in the darkness of loadshedding.

UPS vs Inverter

These two words fly around in everyday conversation amongst South Africans, but what are their functions exactly?

A UPS, or uninterrupted power supply, is a device that ensures that your electronic devices don’t experience a break in power supply during a power outage. So, when loadshedding kicks in, your electronic devices don’t power off and start up again. A UPS cannot give hours of power supply, but it does prevent damage to devices like your Wi-Fi router, TV Box, decoder or speakers by maintaining a power supply when the main supply of electricity goes off.

An inverter acts as a powerhouse, converting the direct current (DC) into an alternating current (AC). Essentially, it’s a large rechargeable battery that stores electric power while the main supply of electricity is on and distributes that power when the main supply of electricity is off. An inverter is what powers your applicable devices for longer periods of time.

Where do Eveready’s Lithium-Ion Batteries fit into all of this?

It’s simple, a UPS and an inverter can only supply energy for a certain period of time, particularly to high-drain devices. To experience uninterrupted power supply to certain devices during stage 3-6 loadshedding, these devices will need more power to keep charged. Our Lithium-Ion batteries can extend the power supply to a UPS and Inverter, as these batteries also charge from the main electricity supply and act as a supplier of power when the main electricity supply shuts off.

So, can I run my home entertainment centre off these devices?

This is all dependent on how much power your home entertainment system needs. Our Lithium-Ion 12.8V 8AH battery pack can comfortably back up your UPS for items like your Wi-Fi Modem and TV Box or decoder in the event of a power surge. Whilst, the 12.8V 100AH can keep your TV on in the event that your inverter’s battery pack has been drained.


How do I know if my home entertainment system won’t drain my backup power supply in a short space of time?

This is going to take a bit of maths. So, grab your calculator and add up the following:

The amount of power your devices use. For example, your devices might need the following amount of power:

  • TV- 100 watts
  • Wi-Fi Router- 6 watts
  • Decoder- 15 watts

100W+6W+15W= 121W

Multiply the total supply needed by the number of hours it will be needed for: 121 x 4 (number of hours for stage 6 loadshedding)= 484

Divide your total by 12.8 (the maximum voltage limit that our Lithium-Ion batteries can support) and you get 37,8 or 38. This is your battery capacity, denoted as AH. This means that your inverter and the backup supply of our Lithium Ion 12.8V 100AH will keep your home entertainment system running for the entire rugby match, post-match interview and analysis!

Don’t miss a minute of all the action, you can get your Lithium-Ion batteries today! Just pop an email to sales@eveready.co.za and charge up your weekend entertainment!