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Eveready inspires new ideas in South Africa’s youth

With March celebrating International Ideas Month, Eveready will be focusing on the importance of inspiring and educating the youth of South Africa to be more innovative.

At Eveready, we place a great importance and focus on inspiring and engaging with young South Africans to help them realise that even the smallest ideas are often the most powerful and can lead to great advancements, because we all have ideas brewing within us, but often do not always see their long-term possibilities.

Inspiring ideas through science and technology

The challenge we face as a society is to try and capture and inspire young people to take STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematic) subjects in school. A key finding in inspiring young people to study and fulfil careers in science and technology is by reaching out to them at an early age and creating excitement around the subject.

The foundation of great ideas that can help bring about great change in our society is for schools, corporations, businesses and parents to continue to encourage science, maths and technology related subjects and a healthy curiosity to help nurture and create a foundation for an exciting and fulfilling career and future.

How Eveready supports STEM

At Eveready, we continue to support and empower our youth through education. In South Africa, we face a serious skills shortage, particularly in industries which require technically trained professionals.

As a company, we help to address these issues through various initiatives. One such initiative is our involvement in the iGEMS programme which we joined in 2016.

The iGEMS programme aims to work towards alleviating poverty by unlocking the potential of more young people from disadvantaged communities in the Nelson Mandela Bay.

Through the iGEMS initiative, we are now hosting a learner, Saschin Louw who matriculated in 2016 and will be doing his internship with us to get exposure in Engineering. Saschin expressed his future plans by saying how "next year I would like to study Electronic Engineering and hope to specialise in Networks and Communications or Optics. Knowing that in the future that the majority of the things will eventually be replaced by computers and machines and feel it is necessary to expand my knowledge in a field relevant to that. I hope in the future I’ll be able to help discover a way to help solve or at least supplement the issue where it will negatively impact us as humans with regards to jobs”.

We are also hosting Martin Griessel who will be doing his internship at Eveready for the year, he is a Mechatronics graduate and will be the first Mechatronics graduate that Eveready has ever had.

Eveready will also be hosting recent graduates in Human Resources, Marketing. Mechanical Engineering and Finance in 2017.

We are also supporting the following permanent employees in furthering their education:

  • Michael Georgiou and Clinton Holmes to help them obtain their MBA.
  • One of our previous Mechanical Engineering graduates who is now permanently employed to obtain his BTech in Mechanical Engineering.
  • We will also be supporting another employee to obtain their N6 in Electronics.
  • And one of our previous Finance Graduates who has a BCom Accounting degree to study Tax Auditing and Financial Management.

As a company, we understand that in order for us to move forward and progress as a nation we need to focus on inspiring and engaging with the youth of South Africa to help them lead a brighter and better future. #EvereadyBrightFuture