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One person making a Positive difference to many
One person making a Positive difference to manyDate: 27 Sep 2013

25 years ago, Sister Ethel Normoyle set out to do something extraordinary.

A smile speaks a thousand words
A smile speaks a thousand wordsDate: 27 Sep 2013

Cleft Friends was founded in 2009 by Helena and Matthew Cullis, whose son, Joel, was born with a cleft palate in that year.

A Positive message from our customer
A Positive message from our customerDate: 27 Sep 2013

I feel such amazing service deserves a mention, as cases like this are so thin on the ground…. and happy letters like this might encourage better service elsewhere!?

Be Positive! And get it done.
Be Positive! And get it done.Date: 27 Sep 2013

Moaning! Complaining or grumbling about something. Procrastination!

A positive attitude can get you through tough times
A positive attitude can get you through tough timesDate: 27 Sep 2013

Koenraad Pretorius was only 4 years old when he had a liver transplant following an illness from a rare genetic disorder. He was diagnosed ads 6 weeks old.

Our quest to be positive
Our quest to be positiveDate: 26 Sep 2013

In our quest to be positive we cannot ignore some of the major challenges facing our country.

Silver Linings… Gold Medals!
Silver Linings… Gold Medals!Date: 24 Jun 2013

Kevin Garwood and his son, Nicholas are one of life’s inspirations. When Nicholas was diagnosed with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy with spasticity, Nicholas’ father, Kevin gave up his job to devote time to his son.

South Africa: Positively Rugby Mad
South Africa: Positively Rugby MadDate: 26 Apr 2013

It all starts when you have the tickets in your hands. The excitement. The anticipation. The adrenaline. The big match is coming and you’ve got to be there. The Eveready team knows how you feel: national pride is part of our company culture.

Eveready. Positively South African
Eveready. Positively South AfricanDate: 27 Mar 2013

The world is full of positive and negative forces, they’re in batteries of course, there’s positive and negative charges and of positive and negative attitudes.

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