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Lead Acid Batteries vs Lithium-Ion Batteries

Date : 27 September 2023

We’ve all come to accept that loadshedding is part of our daily reality for the foreseeable future. Candle-lit dinners while watching Netflix downloads need not be though. With the wide variety of inverters and backup power supplies, we don’t need to rush to get everything done before the next scheduled power outage. The wide variety can be quite intimidating though, especially when products all serve the same purpose. The biggest question is which backup power to use. Eveready offers a variety of specialty batteries of varying strengths that can keep you powered in stage 2 right up to stage 6 loadshedding. Which leaves the question: which is better to use? Lead Acid batteries or Lithium-Ion? We compare the two to help you make the right decision.



Lead Acid



R159-R464 (size dependent)

R862.50-R7130(size dependent)




Depth of Discharge







6-12 months

3-10 years


There are a variety of factors that you need to consider along with the above:

    • Number and size of items you would like to power.
    • The number of hours available to charge.
    • Affordability
    • Your inverter’s capacity.

    Our Lead Acid batteries, such as the 12V 7.2AH battery are perfect backup power sources for home alarm systems. While you cannot use a stand-alone battery to power your entire household, they can single-handedly run items such as garage doors, gate motors, and alarm systems.


    Our Lithium-Ion batteries are our fast-charging options that offer up to 6 hours of power to various household items. Our 12.8V 8AH battery can power your household alarm system for up to 6 hours and fully recharges within 3 hours. Our newest addition to our Lithium-Ion collection, the 12.8V 100AH battery can comfortably keep your inverter running, uninterrupted for up to 4 hours, depending on the wattage of the appliances you’d like to power.


    Eveready has the variety; the choice is up to you. You can view our range of speciality batteries here.