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How to Become More #EverLocal

Date : 08 March 2021

‘Support local business’

We have all come across this term in social media, on TV, on the radio and all over the news but what does it actually mean?

Supporting local business does not only refer to buying from the local corner store instead of a large supermarket chain, even though that is a great way to start, but there are also larger ramifications of ‘supporting local’ than what you may have originally thought!

Since our opening in 1937, Eveready has been recognised as a proudly South African brand among our people and we continue to show our appreciation to our people through the support of local employment, raw material sourcing, training and giving back to our community.

Let’s find out how and why you should become more #EverLocal.

1. Drop a Share

How many times a day do you make use of social media?

For most of us, sitting in front of the TV and scrolling through our news feed has become the norm. As such, social media has made creating exposure for small and large businesses a lot simpler than before.

Think about it: if you have 100 friends on Facebook, sharing a local business’ post has the potential to reach 100 people. If only 10 of those friends share the post, and they also have 100 friends, the post can reach up to 1000 people and so forth.

The power of “the share” is undeniable.

So next time you come across a local business post just hit the ‘share’ button and help them build their following. After all, a share costs you nothing!

2. Buy a Gift Card

We can all relate to the struggles of gift buying – whether it is Mother’s Day, a birthday, Valentine’s Day or anything in between, buying a gift can prove to be a difficult task.

And this is exactly why the ‘gift card’ and ‘voucher’ have become our saving grace!

But if you’re looking to get your loved ones a gift that’s slightly different, why not steer away from the traditional gift cards and vouchers and visit a local store.

Often local businesses also have gift cards, coupons, vouchers or discounts to entice local shoppers to make purchases and, more often than not, these stores have really cute and different merchandise from the larger chains.

Some homemade coasters, cute potted plants, home-baked treats; these are the types of gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime - and not only by your loved one but by the local store owner too.

3. Visit Local Markets

When was the last time you dropped by a local market? Not only are markets a great way to interact with the people in your community, but they are also the perfect opportunity for local small businesses to showcase their products and services.

Take the time to visit the stalls that interest you, take a good look at the products and speak with the local store owners. It’s not often that you can see the face behind the product!

Plus – local markets almost always have great food so, if anything, head out in search of some tasty local cuisine!

4. Care for your Community

When you buy from a local store or brand you are supporting your community directly and, in turn, are showing the locals that you care about them and their wellbeing.

By buying local, you put money straight back into the community giving your local economy the opportunity to expand and thrive. The better the economic situation in your community, the better you will live too.

5. Local Employment

The great thing about local businesses is that they make use of local labour! When entrepreneurs set out to start their dream business they are helping the community by providing opportunities for employment and training.

The better your local business performs, the more they will be able to expand, the more people they will be able to employ!

As soon as there is more opportunity for local businesses to expand, unemployment in the community will decrease and there will be more skilled labour available. A win-win situation!


Do you have a local business or know someone that does? Tag them in the comments on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and let’s help bring them some local support!

Remember: you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local and that’s the same type of thing.

Support local. Become #EverLocal.