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Fun Ways to Keep the Family Entertained this Easter Weekend

Date : 06 April 2022

Can you believe that Easter is right around the corner already?

Easter weekend is definitely one of the holidays that are all about spending time together as a family. But sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new and creative ways to keep the family entertained for the full long weekend.

Well, you can put your worries at rest because we have put together some ideas for activities that you and the family can enjoy together this Easter and maybe every Easter from this one forward.

Let’s take a look at fun ways to keep the family entertained this Easter weekend:

1. Create an Easter Egg Hunt

The best way to keep the family entertained this upcoming Easter weekend is with a good, old-fashioned Easter egg hunt. But, not just a run of the mill Easter egg hunt, a proper elaborate hunt with clues, hidden surprises and little baskets.

The more complex, the more fun for the whole family!

And you can get creative with some of your hiding spots, for example: put some Easter eggs inside a waterproof bag with a stone and throw it in the pool for the kids to retrieve or put the eggs in a sealed bag and hide them in the ground for the kids to dig up.

Another fun idea is to spread the Easter egg hunt across the neighbourhood. If you live in an area with lots of children. Get the neighbours involved and plan the most elaborate Easter hunt possible!

2. Decorate Eggs for Easter

And, in preparation for the Easter egg hunt, you can round the family together with some hardboiled eggs, paints and paintbrushes to decorate eggs for the Easter egg hunt. Decorating eggs is one of the oldest activities done over the Easter period across the world with historical cases dating back to the 13th century.

Apart from Easter egg painting being a tradition in many households, it is also a great way to spend time together as a family and isn’t that part of what Easter is all about?

3. Put on a Show

Instead of popping the kids in front of the TV while all the adults' braai and chat, why not encourage them to put on a show for the family? This can be a dance, a song or even a short skit that the kids orchestrate and rehearse to present to the adults later in the day.

This can have a fun Easter theme or the children can decide what they would like to do among themselves. At the end of the day, it’s all about fun.

4. Have a Family Contest

From arm wrestling to friendly games of table tennis or sprint races in the backyard, there is a type of fun family contest in each family. Some competition amongst loved ones is always healthy and, with the chance to win an award, the contest becomes more intriguing.

Many families have a trophy that can be kept for a year until the contest reoccurs the following year making it an impressive feat to win. Sit together and brainstorm with your loved ones and come up with some friendly contest ideas for your family.

5. Volunteer

Sometimes the best way to spend Easter is to give back to others. Local soup kitchens and charities are always looking for people who are willing to volunteer over the holiday periods. Spend your Easter weekend doing something good for others and teach the family about the importance of humility and helping others at the same time.

6. Family Sports

Similar to family contests but without the competition. If you are a family that enjoys sports then grab a soccer ball, a cricket bat or a rugby ball and head to the nearest park to play some sport together as a family.

If you have a pool friendly game of Marco-polo is also ideal.

And once you’re done playing you can sit down for a delicious family lunch making the fun in the sun even more worthwhile.

7. Easter Baking

Preparing for Easter can be fun too; in fact, many studies have shown that baking together as a family is a great way to bond. Get the kids to help in the kitchen by mixing batter, decorating cupcakes or reading out the ingredients to make for faster Easter baking that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

8. A Picnic in the Park

If you do not feel like a traditional braai at home, pack a picnic basket (you can always include some of the Easter treats that you baked) and head out to the nearest park with the family in tow.

This is an excellent opportunity for family sports, contests and even your elaborate Easter egg hunt. Sometimes breaking the norm and spending time together as a family is all that you need to make your Easter weekend the best one every time.


How do you and your family spend Easter?

Be sure to share your plans, ideas and suggestions in the comments on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages so that our followers can also make their Easter weekend the best one yet.