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Eveready Lights the Way for The Birches Pre-Primary Torch Walk

Date : 29 August 2023

Pinetown based; The Birches Pre-Primary School has been operating as an eco-school since it opens its doors in 1979. This Kwa-Zulu Natal school not only teaches the basics of numeracy, literacy and life skills, they also include recycling, water harvesting, growing food and entrepreneurship to their curriculum, giving their little learners a holistic education while growing the future world changers.


Like many schools, fundraisers are necessary to keep the school in tip-top shape and well-resourced for all its learners. We chatted to principal ‘Scilla Edmonds about this 20-year-old fundraiser.


Where did the idea for The Torch Walk originate from?

As an Eco-school we are always looking at green initiatives.  Every child loves a torch, and Eveready have always offered responsible alternative energy usage.


How long has the Torch Walk been an annual fundraiser for The Birches Pre-Primary? 

We have done this for more than 20 years.


Is there a particular project that The Birches will be funding with the money raised at The Torch Walk? 

Yes, the school desperately needs to repair the school roof that started leaking in the floods but, some monies will be used to buy new library books for the children and a new laminator for the teachers. 

R21 820 was raised this year!

What was the most challenging part of hosting The Torch Walk this year? 

Sadly, we had to change the date due to a Swine Flu outbreak but, postponing it was necessary.  No ways were we going to cancel - as everyone looks forward to this special evening. Costs are always high but, the assistance we get from Eveready providing the batteries is so appreciated,

What was the most memorable part of hosting the Torch Walk this Year?

As always, the children take part in a display to music before the start of the walk.  At the right moment the beautiful Ke Nakho music comes on and the children start putting on their torches and shining them into the heavens. This is always breathtaking and so moving.  From there, the Victory song leads the children out of the display to the track around the school for the 'walk'.  Believe me - many former learners and parents come especially for this event! 

What do you think the children love most about The Torch Walk? 

Being there at night and having their own torch is the best. Thanks to Eveready, the batteries don't run out!