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Eveready’s Commitment to Environmental Friendliness

Date : 22 May 2018

Eveready’s passion for the environment extends to all aspects of our company - from the raw materials used to create our products to the renewable energy sources used to power our headquarters. We believe that sustainability starts at home and, to this end, endeavour to continuously improve our environmentally conscious business practices.

For example, just last year we launched an LED lighting range which is 80% more energy efficient than our previous incandescent bulbs. And, because our new LED bulbs last six times longer, we have helped to lower carbon emissions from the reduced use of resources relating to manufacturing processes and packaging materials.

We also take into account the full product lifecycle, including what happens once a consumer has used and disposed of our products. For this reason, all Eveready LED bulbs are free from mercury and all Eveready batteries free from cadmium and mercury. By eliminating these toxic waste substances, our products degrade naturally without releasing toxic emissions. In fact, two key ingredients in our batteries turn into various salts of zinc and manganese during degradation, acting as micronutrients for the soil.

Our eco-friendly stance is further demonstrated through our House of York and Kestrel Renewable Energy divisions. The majority of our House of York products are made from locally-sourced wood including bamboo, a top renewable resource; and Kestrel is renowned for offering leading renewable energy solutions for homeowners, corporates, farmers and rural communities throughout South Africa and beyond.

It is through Kestrel that we are able to generate electricity for our admin building and manufacturing plant in Port Elizabeth. Currently, we use a combination of 600, 800, 1000 and 3500-Watt wind turbines as well as 260-Watt solar panels. By using these renewable energy sources, we have helped reduce the burden on the country’s power grid by saving approximately 44.5 Megawatt hours per year.

In addition to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, Eveready is committed to the practice of recycling. We recycle a range of items including everything from office paper, cardboard and zinc can offcuts to soft plastics, PVC plastics, steel offcuts and aluminium shavings.

We also make use of registered environmental service providers who help us to:

  • Safely dispose of our hazardous and non-hazardous materials, such as scrap batteries, contaminated rags or dust masks
  • Monitor our air quality, including duct emissions
  • Monitor our water quality and treat our drinking water

“We are committed to the safety of all our employees, customers and visitors and consider it critical to their well-being”, said Coronique Andrew, Eveready’s Engineering and EH&S Administrator.

“It’s important for us to ensure the conservation of the environment through the prevention of pollution, sustainable development and promotion of renewable energy sources.”

Wind Turbine Blades in Production at Kestrel Renewable Energy

Wind Turbine Blades in Production at Kestrel Renewable Energy