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Young Inventor’s Award and Road Show 2004

The Eveready Young Inventor’s Award competition is now in its second year. This annual contest is designed to educate, as well as, entertain learners while providing an opportunity for schools and learners to win cash prizes.

What is the competition all about?

The Contest is straightforward - learners have to design and build any device powered by an Eveready PM9, PP9, PM10 or PP10 battery. There is no restriction to the type of invention, only that it must work and be powered by an Eveready layer cell battery.

There is no limit to the number of entries that schools may submit. Project teams may comprise any number of learners, but each project team must be overseen by a teacher.

Entries must comprise the following:

  • A Photograph of the Project Team and the teacher together with their invention.
  • Names of participating learners and teachers.
  • A completed entry form.
  • A document, complete with diagrams and photographs, that describes how the invention works, its dimensions, circuitry, construction, etc.
  • An A1 poster summarizing the project.
  • A contact name and telephone number (office hours)

If you would like to your school enter this exciting competition next year please click here.

What is the Road Show all about?

The Eveready Road show visits 125 High Schools county wide and is presented by singing sensation Obsession (featured right).

The Road Show program consists of songs by Obsession and an audio visual or dramatic presentation about how a battery is made.

The Young Inventors competition is promoted and the learners are encouraged to participate. Each school is presented with a Young inventors competition pack, consisting of a competition poster, a Periodic Table for the Science lab, a competition entry form and a battery pack containing the miscellaneous components that make up a battery.

View the Schools visited during 2003& 2004.

If you would like the Eveready Road Show to visit your school next year, please click here.

What are the judging criteria?

The top 10 projects were selected from the hundreds of entries received based on the following criteria:

  • Presentation f the invention
  • Originality of the concept
  • Practicality – does the device actually work off a layer cell battery?
  • Commercial use – will Eveready be able to use the device to assist with sales of Layer Cell batteries?

The 3 main prize winners are selected by Dr Kanti Naik of WITS and are based on the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • Scientific principle / s
  • Construction
  • Utility value (Usefulness
  • Overall Impression

What are the Rewards?

Prizes awarded are shared 50/50 between winning learners and their schools.

The top 10 projects selected are each awarded R1,000 (R500 for the school and R500 to be shared among the learners involved with the project.) Each learner also receives a certificate for being an Eveready Young Inventor finalist. Each of the top 10 projects are displayed, together with the name of the school and a photo of the learners, in the Science and Exploration Hall at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg.

The three winning projects are selected from the top 10, with cash prizes awarded as follows:

  • 1st Prize: R20,000, a floating trophy & miniature school trophy.
  • 2nd Prize: R7,500 and a miniature school trophy
  • 3rd Prize: R2,500 and a miniature school trophy.

Each of the finalists were interviewed by Bling and the winners were announced on Bling on Friday 25th June 2004.

Who were the winners for 2004?

The following projects were selected as 2004’s top 10:

  1. LED Powered Lamp Kyle Williams and Warren Franken 
    Edgemead High School (Cape Town)
  2. Alarm ClockByron Wright, Kevin Klaiss, Jianming Xie
    St Stithians College (Johannesburg)
  3. Automated Model Aeroplane Winder Simon Scott
    South African College High School (Cape Town)
  4. Relax Just Fish Devon Bester
    St Stithians College (Johannesburg)
  5. Swimming Pool / Flood Alarm Chris Croxton
    St Stithians College (Johannesburg)
  6. Toothpaste Dispenser Aneesah Shaikjee
    Jeppe High (Johannesburg)
  7. Match up Game Muuaz Akoojee
    Jeppe High (Johannesburg)
  8. Fantastic Feather Duster Thando Biyela, Lesley-Anne Damons
    Jeppe High (Johannesburg)
  9. Intruder DetectorDaniel Lun
    Jeppe High(Johannesburg)
  10. Eezi Shine Yuvika Go Kool
    Gordon Road Girls School (Durban)

Our grand prize winners for 2004 were:


The Eveready Young Inventors Award was presented to Daniel Lun from Jeppe High in Johannesbug by Alf Hicks (Sales and Marketing Director Eveready SA), (BODI (Robotic Representative Eveready SA) and Avijit Das (Managing Director Eveready SA). (Left to Right)

Daniel wins R10,000 for himself and R10,000 for his school.



The Second prize was won by Chris Croxton from St. Stithians college in Johannesburg. (Left)

He wins R3,750 for himself and R3,750 for his school



The Third prize was won by Warren Franken and Kyle Williams from Edgemead High In Cape Town.

They each win R625 and R1,250 for their school.

The Prize Giving

All finalists and supervising teachers were invited to join us at the prize giving for the 2004 awards in the Science and Exploration Hall at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg on the 18th June.

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