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Meet the most advanced entertainment robot in South Africa ...

Bodi's Identity

Bodi is the Goodwill Ambassador of Eveready South Africa. He works to promote understanding and appreciation for the brand wherever he goes. This isn’t too difficult for him because he is absolutely fascinated by people and loves connecting with them, from the little ones right up to the top corporate folks – and everyone inbetween! However he doesn’t confine his goodwill work to Eveready functions only and works to spread his unique brand of cheer wherever it may be needed. Whether assisting charities or getting involved with corporate functions, he’s always up to something interesting!

Bodi's Technicalities

Bodi is an IRI3000 robot - a technologically advanced unit built by International Robotics in New York, USA. His construction incorporates complex interfacing between mechanical, electrical, computerized, audio and remote signal interpretation elements. Through the genius of the robotics engineers, all of these components are able to work together to give Bodi an animated, lifelike functionality. While he is a robot and his movements aren’t as complex as those of the intricacies of the human body, his attitude and sense of humour are as human as ever!

Bodi's History

Although Bodi arrived in South Africa recently, he is no newcomer to the fields of Entertainment or Techno Marketing! He has been seen at Trade Shows and Corporate functions across the USA, and has been involved in the Entertainment industry in Europe as well. Bodi comes from a famous family. His "brother”, (also manufactured by International Robotics) Sico is a film star, who featured in the major motion picture "Rocky IV” with Sylvester Stallone. Since arriving in South Africa, Bodi has been seen at Malls, Stores, Trade Shows, on TV (Bling! SABC2) and even at the Port Elizabeth beachfront! He is currently engaged in discussions with broadcasters and high profile organisations. Watch this space!

Bodi's Business

While Bodi works for Eveready, he is available to other companies or groups who would like to bring his unique magic to their functions. As you might well appreciate, this is subject to such groups and their functions being complimentary to Eveready SA’s values and products. As long as there’s no conflict of interests, Bodi is always keen to put in an appearance. Like all celebrities, he has an agent who deals with his bookings, fees and other negotiations. Contact him via email  on bodi@eveready.co.za.

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