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History of the Company

Eveready began operating in Harrower Road, Port Elizabeth, South Africa in June 1937. At that stage it was a subsidiary of the National Carbon Company – a division of United States based Union Carbide.

The Eveready Company Limited in Great Britain acquired a majority of the company's shares in 1945, and by 1949 it had become a fully fledged South African concern when it was floated as a public company.

In 1971 building began on the existing factory, and the following year the great move to the new premises took place. It took five weeks for employees and contractual workers to uplift all the equipment in Harrower Road, and transport, install and reconstruct it in the factory in Eveready Road, North End.

From 1972 onwards the plant grew at an astonishing rate with the addition of new equipment.

By 1978 Eveready SA (Pty) Ltd was listed on the JSE, and Eveready UK bought out its remaining shares, thereby making it the sole owner.

Eveready UK was purchased by Hanson PLC in 1982. It was during this time that the South African plant underwent huge growth in turnover. Hanson's consolidated policy focused on the core business of manufacturing batteries.

Although its volumes began to soar, there was very little investment in the plant or its employees, and most of the money it made was redirected back to the UK.

On 1 April 1996 Eveready (Pty) Ltd was sold to Duracell, by Hanson PLC and at the end of 1996 Duracell Inc. was acquired by Gillette.

Such international developments resulted in huge investments being injected into the South African plant, raising it to world-class levels from both the infrastructure and technology perspectives.

In mid 2002 Gillette took a strategic decision to exit all other battery brands across the world (including Eveready) except for Duracell.

On February 2003 a consortium of Nedbank, Buffet Collins, a Durban investment company, and Fenchurch, a Port Elizabeth based management and investment company, took charge of Eveready (Pty) Ltd.

The change has injected a new life and vision into the organisation and in recent years Eveready has taken some major strides in enhancing product technology and range, increasing geographical reach and distribution, introducing innovative and powerful brand recognition and image building programmes to drive growth for the business.

Eveready South Africa Brands

Eveready iconic brands are leaders in the South African FMCG battery, lighting and homeware markets and are rapidly developing an export presence across Africa and Middle East. And we are in the global renewable energy sector with our market leading microwind turbines.

Eveready Batteries

Eveready, South Africa's dominant battery brand provides a full range of high quality products.