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Globes - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Watt?

  • Watt is the unit to measure power. Power is the rate at which energy is consumed.
  • In electrical terms, one watt is the power produced by a current of one ampere flowing through an electric potential of one volt.

What is Unit of Electricity?

  • One Unit of Electricity is usually 1000 Watts of Power used for one hour and called Kilowatthour (KWH).
  • If you light a bulb of 100 Watts for 10 hours you would consume 100 x 10 = 1000 Watt hours or 1 Kilowatthour or 1 unit of electricity.
  • If you light 1 bulb of 60 Watts for 10 hours you will consume 60 x 10 = 600 Watt hours or 0.6 Kilo watt hours or 0.6 units of electricity.

Does Higher Wattage mean higher power consumption?

  • Yes higher Wattage will mean more power consumption. (see the example above) and more amount of light produced (for the same type of bulbs).

What is Lumen?

  • Lumen is the unit for measuring the amount of light being produced by a light source or received by a surface.
  • Higher the lumen …higher is the amount of light produced by the source. 
  • 710 lumes produced by our 60 Watt lamp is "more light "than 410 lumens produced by our 40 Watt lamp.

Is Watt related to Lumen?

  • For similar type of bulbs – higher watts will mean higher lumen levels and higher power consumption. eg our 40Watt globe has a lumen level of 420 lumens and our 60 Watt globe has 710 lumens.
  • However, if you compare different types of bulbs / lamps this can be different. For example if you compare a fluorescent tube ( FTL )  with a normal globe ( TFL ) the fluorescent tube of 40 watts will produce more lumens than a 40 Watt globe.

What are different types of Lamps?

  • The main alternative contenders for domestic use are Tungsten filament globes called TFLs. This is the type we are going to sell now. This is the most commonly used  lamp across the world.
  • Fluorescent Tubes called FTL s. These are the commonly used 4 ft / 2ft long tubes.
  • Compact Fluorescent Tubes commonly called CFL s. These are mini fluorescent tubes in various shapes which normally can be fitted on the fixtures for TFLs.

What are advantages & disadvantages of a CFL?


  • CFLs are more Energy efficient or their ability to convert electricity to light is better as compared to TFL Lamps (where lot of energy is wasted in Heat energy).   
  • Life of CFL s are claimed to be better as compared to TFL lamps.


  • For the same lumen level the brightness of CFLs is less. 
  • If you use a CFL lamp with the same level of lumens as a TFL lamp the light from the CFL appears much less brighter than the TFL.
  • This has got to do with the "more predominant colour "of the light. In many places in the world CFLs have not been able make any headway because of the "brightness "and "higher cost "issue.
  • CFLs are more expensive.

What are our Plans of CFL and Fluorescent Lamps?

  • We have already identified the source for supplying us these products and in future depending upon market demand and we will be able to source these products relatively quickly.

Are smaller size Lamps better or worse?

  • There is no relationship between size of the lamp and Power consumption / Lumen output for similar type of lamps. A 40 watt TFL irrespective of its size has the same power consumption and gives the same amount of light.

How is "Eveready Everbright” better than others?

  • We have a very good quality product as compared to our competitors. It is in league with the best products of OSRAM and Phillips in the market.  Many of the competitors import very low quality / performing products from China.
  • Our product conforms to the CE standards and exceeds most of the SABS requirements.
  • It is certified to yield better lumens for the same wattage of the lamps.
  • It is a double coiled Lamp, hence it will give a better life.
  • The Packaging is very user friendly and give better instructions for safety use.
  • The base of the lamps is Antirust type, thus eliminated any corrosion over a period of time.
  • It comes with Eveready Brand name that stamps the commitment of Eveready quality.
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