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Eveready (PTY) LTD
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Eveready Group of Companies

Eveready (Pty) Ltd. is a local heritage company which has been manufacturing batteries for more than 70 years. Eveready is unique in that there is no other dry cell battery manufacturing company in South Africa. The company’s world class operating facilities are based in Port Elizabeth.

Following the sale by a Multinational Corporation, Eveready (Pty) Ltd became a privately owned South African Company in February 2003. Since then the company is able to offer its customers complete portable power solutions through its layer cell, zinc carbon, zinc chloride and its alkaline batteries, which were introduced in September 2003

In 2006 Eveready started to manufacture South African born small wind turbines, which trades as Kestrel and in August 2006 Eveready launched a range of Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFL’s) called Eveready Ever Bright.Eveready now has the only CFL assembly line in South Africa.

Eveready further diversified in 2008 when the company acquired House of York, a leading name in wooden and household products.

Eveready’s company culture is a combination of excellence, involvement, communication, continuous improvement and embracing change. This goes hand in hand with our vision to grow our products, brand, markets volumes and most importantly, our people. Eveready believes this to be of paramount importance and demonstrates this commitment at every level of the organisation.

Eveready is a unique proudly South African organization with a dynamic "best companies to work for” work environment, "innovative and continuous leaning” culture, passionate "environmental consciousness” and strong "business values and ethics.”
Eveready South Africa Brands

Eveready iconic brands are leaders in the South African FMCG battery, lighting and homeware markets and are rapidly developing an export presence across Africa and Middle East. And we are in the global renewable energy sector with our market leading microwind turbines.

Eveready Batteries

Eveready, South Africa's dominant battery brand provides a full range of high quality products.