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Celebrating Eveready’s Proud History

Date : 12 May 2021

Did you know that Eveready was started in South Africa in 1937 and is still the only manufacturer of dry cell batteries in the country? That’s 84 years of proudly South African batteries.

We have walked this 84-year journey but we could not have done it without the support and loyalty of our fellow South Africans. We invite you today to take a step back in time to learn about the roots of our proud company.

How it started

Our journey begins in Harrow Road, Port Elizabeth in June 1937. The Eveready factory began its operations as a subsidiary of the National Carbon Company – a division of US-based Union Carbide.

Eight years later, Eveready Company Limited in Great Britain acquired the majority of the shares in 1945 and by 1949, Eveready South Africa became a fully-fledged South African public company.

The old Eveready Site in Harrow Road, Port Elizabeth

In 1971, building began on the existing premises in Eveready Road and, by the following year, the company bid farewell to the old premises in Harrow Road and began its full relocation to the new premises.

The relocation took place over the course of five weeks in which all equipment from the Harrow Road premises was transported and installed in the new factory. But progress did not stop there: the plant grew at an astonishing pace with the addition of new equipment.

The next big step in Eveready history was in 1978 when Eveready SA (Pty) Ltd was listed on the JSA stock exchange allowing Eveready UK to buy out its remaining shares thereby becoming the sole owner of Eveready South Africa.

Later when Eveready UK was purchased by Hanson PLC in 1982, the South African plant underwent massive growth with a strong focus on the manufacturing of batteries.

Fourteen years later, Duracell purchased Eveready South Africa on 1 April 1996 and, by the end of the year, Duracell was acquired by Gillette.

These international developments fueled huge investments for Eveready South Africa allowing the company’s infrastructure and technology to compete on an international scale.

In the middle of 2002, Gillette strategically decided to exit the battery manufacturing market allowing Buffet Collings, a Durban investment company, and Fenchurch, a Port Elizabeth-based management and investment company, to take charge of the Eveready factory in 2003.

This allowed Eveready to embark on a new chapter as an independent South African company maintaining its position as the dominant battery brand in South Africa

The new Eveready factory in Eveready Road, North End, Port Elizabeth.

Where we are today

Since then, Eveready South Africa has flourished with new undertakings including:

But we would not be where we are today without the loyalty and support of our fellow South Africans – thank you South Africa for your endless support.


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