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South Africa: Positively Rugby Mad

Date : 26 April 2013

It all starts when you have the tickets in your hands.

The excitement. The anticipation. The adrenaline.

The big match is coming and you’ve got to be there.

The Eveready team knows how you feel: national pride is part of our company culture. And there’s nothing we love more than supporting our teams.

So, you’ve arranged to meet with friends, and you’re on your way. You’re all wearing your team kit, with faces painted, the excitement builds… what could be better? Who knows what today’s game has in store?

It’s only when you enter the gates to the stadium that the atmosphere almost overwhelms you. There’s bustling, chatter, laughing, people dressed up supporting their team. An array of races and cultures coming together, to support their local team – a true rainbow nation coming together as one; a united and positive front - their team will come out on top.

Walking up the stairs to take your seats, people are laughing, joking and chanting all around. The smell of burgers, chip and dip and boerewors wafts through the air. Jokes and jibes are thrown between opposing supporters. It all adds to the electricity and expectation in the air. The time comes for the teams to take to the battle ground and play their nemesis.

You see the field, a feeling of awe coming over you, as you watch the teams warming up. And then comes the bass of the music, cheerleaders catch your eye with their dancing. Groups of men, women, children, families and friends take to their seats. A STADIUM UNITED.

The game starts to a cacophony of whooping, cheering and booing when it doesn't go their way. Someone makes a break for the try line and the crowd erupts as he gets taken down. Music plays as the team takes five; the cheerleaders jump up again – their energy and vigour igniting the crowd.

Everyone is behind their team, enjoying the evening. The anticipation, excitement, hope and pride you have in your team and in your country is at its peak.

Full time and …. Your team wins! Supporters are jumping, hugging and clapping with joy. You convince yourself that the power of positive thinking and the support from the nation helped the team to pick themselves up after last week’s game.

There’s nothing like sharing the experience of being united in a common goal. Eveready supports our own home team and loves it when SA teams triumph over other nations and wishes them all the best for the games to come!