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Our quest to be positive

Date : 26 September 2013

In our quest to be positive we cannot ignore some of the major challenges facing our country.

Education. Poverty. Crime. Basic services supply.At the root of this lies South Africa's ability to improve on un- employment.

Every person employed in South Africa supports a community around them. In many cases, directly. But in all cases through the products they purchase, the restaurants they visit, the rates and taxes they pay and the communities the build.

We believe this country's ability to create jobs will be the secret to future harmony and prosperity, and the solution to the negative challenges we face.

As a Positively South African company we are saddened by the small and decreasing number of Brands the consumers purchase were produced on South African soil.

We are saddened by how few of these Brands chosen create jobs in our country.

We are saddened by how little of the consumer spend is therefore channelled towards meeting the negative challenges in our country.

Choosing to purchase a South African Brand, like Eveready, is choosing to be positive and joining our Positive community!