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One person making a Positive difference to many

Date : 27 September 2013

25 years ago, Sister Ethel Normoyle set out to do something extraordinary. Something to help those in a cycle of despair living in Missionvale, a township nestled on the edge of Port Elizabeth.

Walking 45 minutes every day from her home, to the township her biggest obstacle was to win the trust of the people. Her first breakthrough was when a woman, Diane, offered her the shade of a tree growing outside her home. It was from this tree she started her mission by teaching children to read and write.

Sister Ethel’s time with the children and others in need didn’t go un-noticed, and local business leaders built three small buildings for her to teach from and to use as a clinic. Over time, local and international support and belief in Sister Ethel’s work has enabled her to help the community of 120,000 which she has held in her heart.

Since her days under Diane’s tree, Sister Ethel has worked every day to improve the quality of life for the people of Missionvale with sustainable solutions. After 25 years of service and extensive fundraising Missionvale Care Centre is shining example of how a single person can make a difference with a vision and drive for positive change.

The Centre is a wonderful place full of positivity, hope and most importantly – love. The energy swirls around the courtyard, in and out of the buildings that exude warmth and from the community. It’s a tranquil space, in a place where poverty prevails, but refuge can be sought.

Missionvale in numbers

  • The Missionvale Clinic today sees one patient every four minutes during its opening hours
  • The Nutrition and Wellness Unit gives 400 - 1000 heads of households soup powder and bread every day
  • 600 extremely needy families receive a weekly food parcel
  • 43 gardeners are making a sustainable living from the communal vegetable gardens
  • The Clothing Warehouse has clothed over 5000 families giving them dignity and pride in their appearance.
  • The Community Health Practitioners tend to 200 patients per week who are too sick to come to the Centre
  • 6,127 children received a Christmas present in 2012 thanks to the year-round Father Christmas workshop
  • 204 children attend the Centre’s Primary School, Missionvale Care Centre Academy

25 years has seen a lot of change at Missionvale, fuelled by belief for a better future, positivity and compassion. Eveready is inspired by Sister Ethel and what she has created and view her as a shining example of the power of a positive outlook and the change it can make to many.