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Market Leader Gets Thumbs up from Employees

Date : 27 September 2007

Eveready (Pty) Ltd, South Africa’s only battery manufacturer, has done it again. Communication, transparency and honesty have proved to be a worthwhile credo for this Proudly South African Company. They were ranked as the 6th best company to work for in the medium business category in the 2007 annual Deloitte The Best Company to Work For survey. Over and above this achievement, Eveready came 16th in the top 20 ranked companies. In total 131 companies participated this year.

The survey requires participating organisations to submit their employee lists (according to race, gender and level in the organisation) to Deloitte. The employees that take part in the survey are then randomly selected by Deloitte across the 3 abovementioned categories. In 2007 Deloitte introduced the two new categories of age & tenure to further assist participants in understanding employee perceptions. The survey is completely anonymous. Employees fill them in and seal them with a sticker provided by Deloitte. Management do not get to see the survey. In this way the employees are encouraged to be completely honest when filling in the survey.

Established in 1937 and based in Port Elizabeth, Eveready is the only manufacturer of dry cell batteries in South Africa and is the battery market leader in terms of both volume and value. With various ISO accreditations to their name, Eveready has taken major strides in enhancing product technology and range, increasing its geographical reach and distribution as well as introducing powerful brand building programmes to successfully drive the growth of the company. (Have taken this last paragraph and moved it up)

Eveready is a prime operational example of how top quality and innovative Human Resource practice can benefit a company by realizing the value of its employees. As a starting point, a mind set change from ‘they and we’ to ‘us’ were initiated by top management, resulting in a corporate culture characterized by mutual respect for all. "As Eveready, we always believe that the quality of work we deliver is based on the quality of people we have. We also believe that motivated and involved employees, who are passionate about the work place, will also deliver exceptional results. We are therefore very proud of the results achieved in this years’ Deloitte The Best Company To Work For survey. We believe it is a testimony of our efforts to get all employees committed and passionate about whatever they do,” said Eveready Managing Director, Avijit Das.

Eveready is proud of the diversity, capacity and spirit of their 450 employees. According to the General Manager of Human Resources, Charles du Toit, "the company constantly strives to ensure that a dynamic work environment is created through a high degree of openness, trust, respect, care and recognition for all.Continuous learning, innovation and an action-oriented culture ensures employee contentment and high levels of morale. This in turn not only makes for a dynamic working environment but a profitable and mutually beneficial one too.”

The culture at Eveready is supported through a wide range of practices, ranging from extensive education programs and personal development programmes, effective performance management, the provision of competitive benefits and world-class facilities. An onsite leadership college has been established for emerging leaders whilst internal sales and merchandising training is continually ongoing. In terms of facilities, Eveready offers each and every employee unrestricted access to its high-tech gym, a subsidised canteen and cloakrooms on par with national Health Clubs.

Du Toit believes that "at Eveready we continue to strive to create an environment which drives for performance while at the same time gives the employee a real tangible experience of being cared for within a meaningful environment where they flourish. At the route of this culture lies a commitment to effective leadership and communication.”

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