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Lucas Sithole makes us Proud

Date : 01 March 2016

At Eveready, we love seeing positive stories in the news, especially when it comes to South Africa. At the end of January this year, an extraordinary South African caused an international media stir – in a good way!

Lucas Sithole, a wheelchair tennis player, made our country proud back in 2013 already, when he became the first African to win the Quad Grand Slam. This year, he was in the news in a big way – and that was for winning the wheelchair tennis Quad Doubles title at the Australian Open on 28 January.

With the Olympics and Paralympics happening in Rio this August and September, we thought we would focus on Lucas’ story, his achievements and goals - so you know who to watch at the Games!

Who is Lucas Sithole?

Born in 1986, Lucas Sithole suffered a tragic accident at the young age of 12 in 1998. While helping an agriculture storage business owner, Lucas fell on the railway lines as a train was coming and got ridden over. The tragedy resulted in him losing both of his legs and most of his right arm.

In a time when most people would experience depression, accept defeat or even lose the will to live, Lucas adopted positivity and chose to accept his situation and strive to not let it get in his way.

In 2005, seven years after the incident, Lucas started playing wheelchair tennis. By 2006, he was already playing internationally!

Today, Lucas holds other titles besides Quad Doubles at the Australian Open; he is also the reigning US Open champion and in 2013, he was the first African to win a Quad Grand Slam.

Described as "free-spirited”, this athlete’s positive attitude is definitely one to aspire to.

Going for Gold

As if Lucas hasn’t made our country proud enough, his next aim is to do the ultimate achievement in wheelchair tennis and take home the gold medal at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio – which is happening in September.

To some, this might seem like an unrealistic dream, but with Lucas’ track record so far and his determination, ambition and constant positivity, we have no doubt that no matter what, he will end up making us all proud to be Positively South African!

Do you have any positive stories that you would like to share with us? Feel free to tell us on ourFacebook page. We are always happy to see good and positive news about our country and the amazing people in it!