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Be Positively South African with National Bandana Day

Date : 08 October 2015

This month is important for raising awareness for a couple of serious health issues, namely breast cancer and those struggling with leukaemia or other blood-related life-threatening diseases.

Last year, we covered theimportance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month– which is why this year we have decided to focus on National Bandana Day, its importance and how it was formed. Being able to stand together as a country and unite in helping or contributing towards helping the sick makes us at Eveready even more Positively South African than ever!

On 12th October 2015 is the Sunflower Fund’s National Bandana Day in support of those battling leukaemia or other life-threatening blood disorders. The public of South Africa can show their support by buying a bandana for R25 from Pick ‘n Pay and other selected stores; and wearing them on the 12th.

The Story Behind the Sunflower Fund

What many people don’t realise is that the aim of Bandana Day is to not only raise awareness, but also to raise funds for and to encourage people to become bone marrow stem cell donors. The tests are extremely costly, but the Sunflower Fund and SAMBR (South African Bone Marrow Registry) strive to cover those costs in order to get more donors - without money being an issue for them.

The Sunflower Fund was established in 1999 by parents whose children were battling leukaemia or who had lost their battles to it. They were inspired to create an organisation that draws attention to the national need of bone marrow stem cell donors and raising awareness of the importance of being one.

The people behind Sunflower Fund are dedicated and passionate about raising funds; so throughout the year they host an array of fundraisers and, of course, the annually successful National Bandana Day.

Since its establishment in 1999, they have increased the numbers on the SABMR by over 66000 donors – which just shows how people unite in this country when it comes to helping others.

As you can see, by taking part in Bandana Day and other Sunflower Fund events, we as South Africans are helping to save thousands of lives. This year, the bandanas are available in 8 different colours, so we encourage you wear your bandana with pride on the 12th – knowing that you’ve contributed to saving someone’s life.