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Be Positive! And get it done.

Date : 27 September 2013

Moaning! Complaining or grumbling about something.

Procrastination! Putting off or delaying an action to a later time.

Bad service! Not delivering a service as per standards agreed and expected.

All of these concepts we often see in today’s busy, bombarded, stressful life. It takes a special type of person to push all the negative issues and stories aside and pierce through them – only to be a shining light to others.

Frikkie Marais from Despatch is an example of this.

Rubbish bags at resident’s houses in Despatch were not being collected due to municipal workers striking. On top of that hoards of rubbish had been dumped in front of the municipality, clearly visible to the residents staying there or driving past.

Everyone in the small town was upset and complaining, it was even all over facebook.

It was resident and minister, Frikkie Marais who decided to take things into his own hands and just ‘get it done’. Frikkie, his two children and their nanny drove to the municipality and started picking up all the rubbish that had been dumped there, and placed it in black bags.

A local ambulance drive, Barry Supra, saw this amazing family and kindly stopped to give them gloves to work with the rubbish as well as bought them brooms to sweep it up.

Once all the rubbish had been picked up, Frikkie took it to his own residence, where it lay until the strike was over.

WOW! Eveready thanks Frikkie for choosing to Be Positive, break through the moans and get it done! This is a fine example to set for the rest of us South Africans. It doesn’t matter what life throws our way. What matters is how we deal with it. Choose Positivity!