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A Positive message from our customer

Date : 27 September 2013

Good day to you!

I feel such amazing service deserves a mention, as cases like this are so thin on the ground…. and happy letters like this might encourage better service elsewhere!?

"I have a very old, much loved portable radio which runs on a battery called a PP9.

This battery has been unavailable for weeks' and eventually my supermarket gave me the number of Eveready in Port Elizabeth.

I could not believe that due to the discontinuation of a battery, people would have to discard appliances. To my great delight after speaking to Mondli in Port Elizabeth, I found that there is a replacement called a PM9.

And this is what is so amazing. All on the same day, after a few flying phone calls, a very nice man called Earl Ferguson arrived on my doorstep, exactly on time, to deliver not one but TWO PM9 batteries!

So WELL DONE and THANKS to Mondi at Eveready in Port Elizabeth, and Earl Fergusion in Joburg, for restoring my faith - SOME companies still believe in SERVICE!"

Kind regards

Jenny Gillies