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A positive attitude can get you through tough times

Date : 27 September 2013

We at Eveready came across this amazing story on Lead SA’s facebook page, on how a young man never lost hope when matters were tough. Eveready decided to share the story to show how a positive attitude can get you through tough times.

Koenraad Pretorius was only 4 years old when he had a liver transplant following an illness from a rare genetic disorder. He was diagnosed ads 6 weeks old.

His mother, Karin, still recalls how she almost gave up on him, thinking he would die as a toddler.

But after he had the transplant, Pretorius pulled through. He is now 22.

The 3rd year student who is studying for a BCom at Stellenbosch University not only did well with his studies, but has also become a successful athlete.

Even when he got a major infection 3 years ago, which almost saw his liver and kidneys fail, and resulting in his spending 6 months in hospital, this failed to deter him from taking part in sport.

Last week, his passion and dedication to swimming paid off when he won 6 medals at the World Transplant Games in Durban. He not only received gold for his 50m backstroke but set a new world record when he won the event in a time of 52 seconds, breaking the world record by 8 seconds.

-Taken from Cape Argus, Tuesday August 6 2013

By Sipokazi Fokazi