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9 Fun Family Holiday Activities

Date : 16 April 2021

The school holidays are coming up and you know what that means: time to plan an itinerary of activities to keep the whole family entertained!

Whether you are planning a staycation or are hitting the road, we have put together a list of nifty activity ideas that are sure to keep the entertainment train on its tracks.

Take a look at these 9 fun family holiday activities that we have got lined up.

Staycation Activities

With the current state of worldly events, many families are inclined to spend their holiday time at home and that is okay! There is plenty to do at home – think about all of those plans that you have been putting off.

Let’s jump in!

1. Family Game Night

Technology offers so much room for entertainment that we often forget about the people around us. From video games to YouTube, social media and Netflix there is no shortage of digital entertainment around us.

But why not crack out some board games and play it old school?

Make some snacks, gather the family, sort into teams and get playing! Fun and quality family time together is guaranteed.

While we’re on the subject – did you hear about our #FunWithFamily competition? You can stand a chance to win Pictionary AND Jenga! This will definitely help with the game night – check out our post to find out how to enter.

3. Start a Herb Garden

Herbs add such lovely flavour to your meals which the whole family loves. Why not start your very own herb garden to pick and use while you cook?

It’s super fun, rewarding, teaches the kids responsibility AND it makes your food taste great so win-win-win?

Head over to the local gardening centre and grab yourself some seeds, soil and compost and you are ready to start your herb patch!

If you don’t have space in the garden, you can always put them in small pots inside the kitchen – this makes them even more accessible.

4. Go through Family Photos

When last did you take a look at your wedding photos? What about matric farewell or your 21st birthday celebrations? Sometimes it’s great to remind the kids that you were also around their age once upon a time!

Haul out the old family album – videos too if you have – and give the kids a trip down memory lane. Perhaps they will get to meet some relatives that they have never seen in person before.

Looking at old photographs is definitely going to stir up a good story or two and who doesn’t love a good story?

On the Road Again

Going on holiday is great fun but the distance between home and your holiday destination can often become quite a problem – especially when young children are involved!

Our advice? Make frequent pit stops, stock up on snacks and try these fun in-the-car games to help maintain your sanity.

1. 20 Questions

A little bit more mentally challenging and flexible than eye-spy, 20 Questions is a fun car game to play with kids all the way through to adults.

One player thinks of an animal and the other players take turn to answer yes-or-no questions like: “Does it have scales?” or “Does it swim in the ocean?” until someone guesses what animal is in question.

This can be adapted to celebrities, cities or a variety of topics depending on the age of the players!

2. Fun with Cars

While driving long distance there is often not much to look at but there is definitely no lack of cars. This game may be easier for slightly older kids but will be fun nevertheless!

You have two options: spot the manufacturer and number plate jumble.

Whoever guesses the manufacturer of the approaching vehicle gets a point. If they guess the model and the manufacturer correctly they score an additional point!

But, if this becomes tedious, then look at the number plate of the vehicle in front of you and using the first three letters of the plate, try to assemble a funny sentence.

3. Audiobooks

If all else fails, or if the passengers are tired of playing games, then listen to an audiobook!

If you have a CD player in the car, maybe visit a secondhand store and see if you can spot some classic audiobooks. Or you could always download an audiobook, pop it onto a USB device and plug it in if you have a USB port.

Reading in the car can cause you to feel carsick but audiobooks don’t have that problem!

Out and About

If you don’t quite feel like being cooped up at home or are looking for something fun to do for the evening, then there’s always some fun activities scattered around town that you can look into!

1. Bowling Night

Have you ever taken the kids bowling before? It’s a lot of fun and definitely helps to develop a sense of friendly competition.

Head over to the local bowling alley, grab some snacks and BOWL!

Who knows? You might start a new family tradition and can even get some family bowling shirts made to sport your family name at the local alley.

2. Visit the Aquarium or Museum

How many times have you driven past the aquarium or museum? Probably dozens! It’s important for the kids to know their local history and what makes their hometown so special.

Visiting a museum or aquarium is the first step to becoming more knowledgeable about your surroundings and you get to see some cool animals, fish and reptiles while you’re at it!

More importantly – museums and aquariums are often non-profit organizations and they can do with the visits and donations. Find what museums and aquariums are near you and make a day trip of it!

3. Head to a Game Reserve

If you prefer to take a short road trip and enjoy the great outdoors as a family, then visit a local game reserve. There are more exotic animals and plant life to see than at a petting zoo and it can be quite fun to try to spot all the animals in the park!

Between game drives, restaurants, animal watching and hiking trails there is plenty to do at the local game park. Be sure to take photos!


What family activities do you enjoy doing together at home, in the car or on vacation? Share your activities in the comments on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to help other parents make their holidays more entertaining!