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8 Ways to Spoil your Wife this Mother’s Day

Date : 04 May 2022

When you think of Mother’s Day, usually our immediate thoughts jump to our mothers and how we plan to honour them on this occasion but never really to the wives of our children who are also, after all, mothers.

Whether your wife is a new mother or your children are all grown up, it is still important to show appreciation to your wife for everything that she does as a mom.

Here are some ways to show appreciation to your wife this Mother’s Day.

1. Cook her a Meal

It doesn’t matter how much your wife loves cooking, there reaches a point where cooking every meal every day becomes monotonous. Surprise her with a home-cooked meal that you prepared on your own; be it breakfast, lunch or dinner she will be very grateful.

Rope the kids in to help prepare mom a feast that she will cherish.

Be sure to sneak in the groceries yourself – you don’t want your wife to have to go shopping for her own surprises!

2. Make a Memory Box

Sometimes the best gifts are those that are filled with memories. Grab some photo albums, ticket stubs, old flowers or even handwritten notes from the past and put them inside the memory box.

Grab the kids and go through the box together on Mother’s Day explaining your first date, where you met and special memories from the day they were born. This makes for a very heartfelt gift and also includes some fun family time.

3. Let her Sleep In

When in doubt, the best gift you can give your lady is the gift of sleep.

As a full-time mom or working mom, there are truly never enough hours in the day and usually, even on weekends, mom is the first one up. Let your wife sleep in and get some well-deserved beauty rest.

Take care of the kids, do the morning chores and wake her up with a hot cup of coffee or breakfast in bed to show how much you appreciate her.

4. Steer Clear of the Practical

When giving gifts as an adult it can tempting to be as practical as possible but this might not always be in the best interest of the occasion. For example, giving your wife a new vacuum cleaner on Mother’s Day might not be a good idea.

Gifts of flowers, chocolates, spa day vouchers and anything that can be used exclusively by your special lady are definitely the number one choices for this Mother’s Day.

Find out what your wife has been wanting to buy for herself but always putting off and get her that.

5. Help the Children Make Gifts

When it comes to Father’s Day you can rest assured that your wife will be working with the kids to make dad some special gifts for Father’s Day.

Be sure to return the favour by helping the kids make something special for mom. This is especially true if you have young kids who cannot manage on their own. Even if it is a simple homemade card or some homemade cookies, your wife will be very appreciative of the thoughtful gift.

6. Give her the Morning Off

Usually, mom has ten thousand things that need to be done every morning from cooking breakfast, preparing coffee, letting the dog out, washing the dishes and everything in between.

That is why it is a very thoughtful idea to give her the morning off to get ready at her own pace and maybe even have enough time to watch some of her favourite shows on TV.

7. Get her Car Cleaned

Mom is super busy all the time which means that it has likely been a long time since she has had an opportunity to take her car to get cleaned. Surprise your wife and either take her car to get cleaned or clean it yourself.

The next time she has to take the kids to school or pick up groceries she can do so in a bright, shiny and litter-free car.

8. Do her Chores

Most women are very organised which means that your wife likely keeps a diary or calendar with important upcoming chores like visiting the bank, paying bills or upcoming bake sales at the school.

Take a look at her calendar and tick some items off her list without her knowing so that she has more time in her week to spend on herself and the kids.

9. Surprise her with a Getaway

There is no greater surprise than a secret vacation or getaway. Even if it is a simple road trip or a night at a local hotel, spoil your wife with a family getaway to destress. It wouldn’t hurt to fish for some ideas of where to go.

Help the kids to get their bags packed and get everything in the car so all that your wife needs to worry about is herself.


How do you usually spoil your wife on Mother’s Day?

Be sure to share your ideas in the comments on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages so that the other men can get some ideas on how to make their wife’s day this coming Mother’s Day.