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8 Ways to Spoil the Women in your Life this Women’s Day

Date : 04 August 2021

It’s already August and, as you will know, August is Women’s Month in South Africa with Women’s Day been celebrated on the 9th – only five days away.

Women’s Day holds much significance in the history of South Africa as we remember the will and strength it took for some 20,000 women to march on the parliament building in 1956 to stand up for what they believe in.

That is why it is so important that this special day be remembered, recognised and celebrated by holding the women in our lives at high regard. For this reason, we have put together eight ways to spoil the women in your life this Women’s Day.

Let’s get stuck in!

1. Online Shopping Voucher

As we are in the midst of the pandemic traditional shopping sprees are off the table but what girl does not enjoy shopping? Buy your special lady an online voucher for one of her favourite online stores and let her shop away in the safety of her own home.

If you weren’t away House of York, a subsidiary of the Eveready Group, now has their own store on Takealot. If you haven’t had a look, now is a good time to sneak a peak!

2. A Home Cooked Meal

Food that tastes the best in food that was prepared by someone else!

If your special lady is the one that does most of the cooking, surprise her with a delicious home-cooked meal and, if you’re feeling up to it, a home-baked dessert will go nicely on the side.

Many cultures believe that cooking is a way of showing love and we couldn’t agree more.

3. Afternoon Picnics or Takeaway

Weather permitting, picnics are a great way to spend time together in nature. Pack some sandwiches, boiled eggs, crackers and other snacks that your special lady will enjoy and pick a lovely sunny spot to picnic at.

If you’re not one to prepare snacks, then you can always order some takeout and picnic with some takeaway food. After all, sushi is a type of snack that cannot be made from home and is definitely work munching down on.

4. Flower Delivery

When in doubt you can never go wrong with a bouquet of flowers. There’s something special about receiving flowers that will leave a lasting small on the face and a warm spot in the heart.

Whether you order flowers to be delivered or get them from the store yourself, your special lady is sure to love them, photograph them and put some petals in a special place to remember the moment later.

5. Build a Hamper

We all have our guilty pleasure snacks from chocolates, cookies, chips and sweeties there is something that everyone loves to snack on – especially when binging the latest series on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Put together a special hamper of all her favourites and give her some time to enjoy her TV shows and snacks without having to change the channel or share.

6. Enjoy a Day Out

The pandemic hasn’t left much room for outdoor travel but there are fresh, open spaces that are safe to visit like game reserves, parks, hiking trails and the likes. Head out into the great outdoors with a bicycle or a pair of hiking boots to enjoy a day in clean, open nature.

Remember to pack the camera and a pair of Eveready Digital Lithium batteries to take photos along the way!

7. Join in on her Hobbies

Does your special lady enjoy knitting, reading, pottery, cooking, baking, scrapbooking or anything else? One of the best ways to spend time with someone is to allow them to express their interests and to join in on them.

You might even discover a new hobby of your own and, in turn, this will become a shared hobby for the two of you to enjoy together!

8. Breakfast in Bed

And, if all else fails, the best treat to wake up to is fresh coffee, warm pancakes and the smell of crispy bacon and eggs. Treat your special lady to breakfast in bed, especially nice during winter.

And we have just the thing to make breakfast in bed ten times better: our pine breakfast tray. You can place an order on Takealot to make sure your special lady has a great start to her Women’s Day.


How do you plan to treat the special women in your life this Women’s Day? Be sure to share your ideas on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages for our followers to enjoy too!