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8 Fun Ideas for Family Bonding Time

Date : 02 April 2020

Hoping to bring your family closer together? Having some family time is a great way to get connected and form those strong bonds. Try these eight fun ideas to nurture a bit of family bonding.

  • Go Camping

Camping may be considered a classic family getaway, but when was the last time you actually packed your sleeping bag and flashlight and headed for the great outdoors? If it’s been a while, this could an awesome way to shake up your weekend routine and create fun new family memories. From working as a team to pitch the tent to telling stories around the campfire and toasting marshmallows over the hot coals. Campsites set the perfect scene for some family quality time!

  • Coffee & Crafts

Why not get creative and attempt a fun craft project over a nice cup of coffee? Hot chocolate is another excellent choice for the little ones or if any of your family members aren’t big caffeine fans. Making something by hand may sound intimidating, but it needn’t be a tricky or time-intensive activity. Especially not when there are so many quick and easy craft tutorials to try online! After all the fun is had, you’ll also have something tangible to remember the moment by.

  • Reading Together

Strong family bonds aren’t formed in one big moment, but rather in a series of small, everyday moments that altogether add up. Reading together before bedtime is the perfect example of this. From selecting a new book and taking turns reading aloud to speaking about all the interesting characters afterward. Simple activities like these will help to build a closer bond with your children that can last a lifetime.

  • Games Night

An oldie, but a goodie. Games night is always a fun idea! So dust off those old board games and gather the family around. Monopoly, Pictionary, and Twister are a few of our favourites. Even a simple game of “go fish” can bring out everyone’s inner child and competitive spirit. Xbox or Play Station games are also great options to consider, especially for tweens and teens who love screen time. Learning how to play their favorite video game can also be an unexpected way to strengthen your relationship.

  • Start a Ritual

Sharing in a unique and regular family activity can help foster feelings of belonging and togetherness. Even simple rituals like eating dinner at the table during the week or going for bike rides on the weekend can hold special meaning for family members. It could even become something that gets passed down through generations!  Find a way to turn your family’s favourite activities into traditions they can treasure forever.

  • Make a Meal

Someone wise once said that food is the secret ingredient which binds us together, so why not try this idea out. Even the youngest of family members can get in on the fun, whether they read the recipe aloud or help to stir the ingredients. Cooking together is a fantastic way to have some family time. And afterward, you’ll get to enjoy a delicious meal around the dinner table. Here are some awesome conversation starters and activity ideas to keep mealtimes interesting and engaging.

  • Get Out & About

When it comes to strengthening family ties, don’t underestimate the power of outdoor play. There are many family-friendly activities to try in the great outdoors. You could go for walks on the beach and search for seashells or build sandcastles. Or go on a hike or nature trail and enjoy the sights and sounds of different animals and plants. A picnic at the local park is another great way to spend time together as a family.

  • Be Tourists in Your Town

Another fun idea is to pretend you’re a tourist in your town. What are the things you’d love to do if you were only visiting for a short while? Let each family member pick one activity, and then try to do them all in a weekend. There are many places close to home that you might not get around to seeing, so this would be the perfect opportunity to experience them with your loved ones. Remember, families that spend quality time together, stay together!


What are some of the ways you bond with your family? We would love to hear your comments over on our FacebookTwitter or Instagram pages.