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6 Ways to Relax in Nature

Date : 09 March 2022

Need a break?

The world is a busy place and between juggling work, school, friends, family and personal obligations it can be near to impossible to find the time to relax. When scrolling through social media, watching Netflix and keeping busy on the computer is not enough to help you relax then you need to turn back to nature.

Spending time in nature is a great way to push aside your worldly responsibilities just for a bit while you relax, destress and rejuvenate your mind in peace.

Here are six excellent ways to truly relax in nature so that you can start your new week feeling refreshed.

1. Wander the Wilderness

When life’s responsibilities become too much it can help to just take some time to wander in the wilderness. Whether you are taking a tranquil stroll along the beach or appreciating the stillness of the mountain forests, there is much relaxing to be done in nature.

If you have a dog this is the perfect opportunity to take your furry best friend along with you for a walk in the woods. And, if you don’t, then maybe adopting a new friend is the best excuse to take some time to venture out of the home and into the great outdoors.

You can even catalogue animal sightings or photograph some of your favourite natural scenes along your journey – anything that will take your mind off the business of life!

2. Study in the Sunshine

If you cannot quite escape all of life’s responsibilities, like studying for that upcoming exam, then why not take your textbooks with you on your weekend in the wilderness and do some studying in the sun?

Studies have shown that natural environments can actually enhance your cognitive abilities so if you have problems to solve or need your memory to be in prime shape, then you might be better off among the birds and trees than noisy classmates or coworkers.

3. Take a Picnic

Sometimes giving up an entire weekend is not an option so a great alternative is to sneak away for half a day to have a picnic. The drive out will help relieve some of the tension you are under and who doesn’t love nibbling on snacks in the sun?

Take a good book and give yourself the ‘me-time’ you deserve.

But it is definitely important to try to dedicate a weekend to recover mentally and physically from your draining lifestyle. Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t be afraid to take a break when you need one.

4. Take a Dip in a Mountain Pool

If you really would like to be fully refreshed then be sure to dive (or cannonball) into an ice-cold mountain pool. This is especially a great idea in the warmer weather because mountain water is a whole lot colder than the water in our pools at home.

Take the family into the mountains and enjoy some splish-splash fun in a natural rock pool. Maybe even go on a bit of a hike first so that you can really appreciate the coldness of the water.

5. Take a Camping Trip

But if you truly want to turn the relaxation dial all the way, then it is time to plan a family camping trip. Take a week off, enjoy campfire breakfasts, evening braais and a good book and just forget about the outside world.

Nature has plenty to offer for those who are willing to explore it.

Grab the children and teach them how to fish. There’s nothing more peaceful than pulling up a chair, sitting with a fishing rod beside the river and fishing. But, if fishing isn’t your scene, a good old fashioned hike or game of catch never did anyone harm.

If you have a drone, remote-controlled cars or boats then this is also the perfect occasion to test them out with lots of space to your avail.

6. Visit a Game Farm

We understand that not everyone is a nature-lover and a week may be too long to spend in nature. If that is the case, then consider taking a break to a local game farm. There are tons of wild animals to see, trails to explore and even some guided game drives to join.

You might just discover that spending time in nature is more fun than what you bargained for and you might be interested in spending the night at the lodge!


What are some of your favourite things to do in nature? We would love to hear your opinions and suggestions. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.