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10 Fun Festive Activities for the Family

Date : 15 December 2021

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

It's the December holidays, the kids are on holiday and parents are on leave with Christmas being just around the corner. With the warmer weather coming about, now is the perfect time to spend time together as a family and do some fun festive activities.

With only ten days left until Christmas Day, we have put together a list of fun festive activities that you and the family can do together to get into the festive spirit and ensure that the holiday season is as magical as you have anticipated.

Let’s see what our Christmas top picks are:

1. Make your Own Advent Calendars

This activity might be a bit overdue but rather late than never!

Gather all of your craft supplies and put together a fun advent calendar for the family. This can include some sweeties or baked goods or even cute activities that you can do together as a family every day.

Get your craft on and design the best family advent calendar that you can.

2. Write Letters to Santa

You are never too old to write a letter to Santa. Grab a paper and pen and write down all your Christmas wishes. This isn’t just a great way for parents to get gift ideas for their children but for household members to get an idea of what to buy for each other.

Gift-giving isn’t a skill that comes naturally to everyone so help your friends and family out by telling Santa what you want and, you never know, some of those Christmas wishes might just come true!

3. Make your Own Play Dough

If you thought playing and making figurines from playdough is fun then you’ve got to try making your own from scratch. Not only is this a fun family activity but it can also be a cost-effective gift idea.

And you can also make the playdough in all your kids’ favourite colours!

With a few cups of flour, a dash of salt and a splash of food colouring you are well on your way to an afternoon of fun and creativity.

Get the full recipe from iheartnaptime.net.

4. Have a Family Slumber Party Around the Tree

Kids too excited to go to sleep the last week before Christmas? Then this is the perfect opportunity to host a family slumber party around the tree.

Set up the sleeping bags, turn on the Christmas tree lights and enjoy some cookies and milk together before bed. This will help the kids fall asleep and make for a fond memory for the whole family.

5. Take Fun Festive Photos

The best way to remember your favourite time of the year is to photograph it and what better what to capture the moment than with a family photo shoot?

Arrange matching outfits, choose your backdrop and have a fun photoshoot in your home!

You don’t need to hire a photographer for the event, you can do it yourself, but if you would prefer more professional photos then that is an option too.

6. Have a Bake-And-Swap with Neighbours or Family

The holiday season is usually filled with tons of baked goods and treats so, instead of doing all the baking yourself, why not arrange with family or neighbours to do a bake and swap?

You can bake the ginger biscuits and your neighbour can make chocolate chip cookies and you can swap half of each batch with each other. This way everyone gets a variety of cookies without going through double the effort.

7. Play Board Games

Is it rainy weather?

Even if it isn’t, board games are a great way to spend time together as a family and to have fun while doing so. Whether you want to be a property tycoon in Monopoly or determine who the best is at 30 Seconds, the options are wide open.

Organise some snacks and set up the table for a fun evening of board games!

8. Festive Movie Festival

No festive season would be complete without a fun holiday movie marathon.

Netflix and other streaming platforms have an array of family-friendly holiday movies to choose from or, if you’re not really into Christmas movies, you can Google the episode numbers of all the Christmas episodes from your favourite series and binge those!

Make some festive snacks, sit down and relax.

9. Make your Own Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a fun tradition and are really nice to display especially for those relatives that you will not be able to see due to pandemic regulations. Spend an evening with the family to create homemade Christmas cards to mail to relatives.

Even if they are nearby it will be fun to receive a good old fashioned Christmas card in the mail and equally as fun to craft them.

10. Start a New Tradition

Our final suggestion on this fun festive list is to start a new holiday tradition for your family to celebrate every year. Even if you don’t choose one of the above activities, you can come up with your own.

This is something that the family will look forward to doing together every year and make for some really great memories.


Have any fun festive activities or family traditions that you would like to share? Be sure to share your ideas and thoughts on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages for our fans and followers to see.

Happy holidays everyone!